What the children have enjoyed and learnt during the project

Year 4 children picking blackberries at Smite Farm
Lily found a blackberry among the brambles and nettles and managed to pick it without being stung!


“I have enjoyed learning about what life was like 100 years ago in the war. School was very different and there were lots of punishments. I think I would like to go to school now because the teachers were very strict 100 years ago! I really enjoyed picking the blackberries and making the jam and crumble. It tasted lovely. I’m going to make some with my mum at home. Life was hard-work in the war, there were lots of jobs to do!”  Lily (Year 4)


Threading the needle is quite tricky!


Grace’s beautiful sewing !


“I’ve really enjoyed making the crumble. I did enjoy picking the blackberries even though I got stung! I really liked playing the different games that children would have played 100 years ago especially the hoops. Skipping wasn’t very easy when you’re wearing an apron! It was interesting to find out all the different jobs that children would have done during the war.  I’m pleased with my sewing!”

Grace (Year 4)

Digging for carrots in the school garden!


“I really enjoy history. It has been interesting to learn about the war and the different jobs that the children did. Life was very different. I would prefer to go to school now rather than 100 years ago because I think I might have got some of the punishments! The games they played were fun though especially the ice slide that they would make. Picking the blackberries was fun and I liked the blackberry jam although I wasn’t so keen on the crumble. Its been a fun week!”

Cassius (Year 4)

Ring ‘o ring ‘o Roses
The hoops
Needlework was a job that girls would learn to do at school.
Needlework takes a lot of concentration!
Looking at the artefacts
“This week has been epic!I enjoyed making blackberry jam and blackberry crumble. The blackberry crumble was delicious! I’ve enjoyed writing my diary entry as I can imagine what it would have been like 100 years ago as a child in the war. It would have been hard work. I would not have liked to have gone to school then because the punishments were too strict!” 
Max (Year 4)
” My favourite part of the week has been making the mouth-watering crumble. It was delicious! I have also liked sewing and pretending to do the different jobs that the children would have done 100 years ago!” 
Megan (Year 3)
“I liked going blackberry picking and I liked making jam. I’m looking forward to having it on toast when I get home. I might even share it with my family! I really enjoyed making the label for the jam too! The day we spent with Ms Letts and James was really interesting to find out how life was different especially seeing the dead-man’s penny. Life was very different 100 years ago. I think it was much harder.”
Finn (Year 3)

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