Fascinating “Children in WWI in Worcestershire” Display at Droitwich Library

A new and fascinating WWI display is now on show at Droitwich Library.

As well as information, photographs and upcoming events relating to our ongoing “Great Blackberry Pick” Project, there are also four banners on loan from the University of Worcester covering the many different activities and roles that children in Worcestershire were involved in during the First World War.
From “Children and Charities” to “Family Life” and “Work and School”, the display goes beyond the “Great Blackberry Pick” giving a fascinating insight into the life of children during the First World War…

…and you may see your school during its WWI workshop and blackberry picking trip to Smite Farm!
The display can be found on the Ground Floor of Droitwich Library for the next week and a half, and you can also find out about how to enter our blackberry jam and jam label making competitions, Local History Day 2015 on Saturday, 24th October, and our amazing “dazzle” ship workshops.
We hope to see you soon.








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