Blackberry square 235x235These are links to some of the many useful websites that might help you with your research into the experience of children living in Worcestershire during World War One.

Worcestershire World War 100: useful information related to WW1 and Centenary events in Worcestershire.
World War One in the Vale: information about food production and domestic life in Pershore and Evesham during WW1 (ongoing project)
Online image gallery
BBC Schools website: Children’s experience of WW1 at home (primary school resources) Mrs CS Peel’s Victory Cookbook, published in 1918 to help housewives cook wholesome food despite the local food shortages.
BBC Schools website: How did children help the war effort?
BBC Schools website: famous propaganda posters from WW1
Imperial War Museum: 10 Ways Children Took Part In The First World War
Imperial War Museum: 10 surprising laws passed in Great Britain during the First World War
Imperial War Museum: general teaching resources
The National Archives: How we were taught… What was school like 100 years ago?
The National Archives: resources relating to WW1
World War One propaganda posters
The Church of England: resources for parishes and groups to use to commemorate the centenary of World War One. The resources include prayers, music, literature and art.